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Cutting-Edge Complementary & Integrative Treatments for Mental Health Disorders

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Format: DVD Video (4+ hours)   Instructions
Details: Multi-disc DVD recording (5 hours, 25 minutes) with electronic manual and instructions.


Join Richard P. Brown, M.D., the world’s best known pioneer and leading authority in complementary psychiatric treatments, and discover the latest breakthroughs in alternative, integrative approaches for treating mental health disorders. Dr. Brown will teach you (in language you can share with clients!) the neurophysiology behind this unique and successful approach.

Dr. Brown anchors his presentation in the latest research and provides clinical guidelines for complementary treatments. He focuses on specifc treatments that are the most useful for clinicians to integrate into their practices including: herbs, nutrients, hormones, mind-body practices and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation.

You will have an introduction to Dr. Brown’s unique and groundbreaking Breath~Body~mind program of movement and breathing techniques that are proven to relieve stress and anxiety. This approach fuses three breath practices for immediate and powerful long-term benefts from the frst time used. mental health practitioners will gain the added beneft of enhanced well-being and reduced professional burn-out.


  • List 6 safe and effective complementary treatments to treat mood disorders
  • Demonstrate mind-body practices that are safe and effective in treating anxiety, PTSD and aggression
  • Describe the mechanisms of action, risks and benefits of complementary treatments
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the tools to pursue further information and updates on treatments clinicians will consider using in practice

Mood Disorders Treatments: Depression and Bipolar Disorder
  • Herbs: St. John’s wort, valerian, passion flower, rhodiola rosea
  • S-adenosylmethionine (SAM-e)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • DHEA (dihydroepiandrosterone)
  • Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulators
Anxiety Disorders Treatments: GAD, PTSD, combat stress, mass disasters
  • Herbs: Valerian, lemon balm, passion flower, butterbur, rhodiola rosea
  • Targeting PTSD & dissociative disorder with 7-Keto DHEA
  • Breath~Body~Mind Practices:
    1. Neurophysiological model & the effects of mind-body practices
    2. Yoga breathing
    3. Stress response systems
    4. Sympatho-vagal balance
    5. Limbic system, thalamus, prefrontal cortex
    6. Interoceptive pathways to the insular cortex
Clinical Studies
  • Southeast Asian tsunami survivors
  • Australian Vietnam veterans with PTSD
  • Patients with generalized anxiety disorder
  • Anxiety and PTSD related to September 11th World Trade Center
  • Disaster relief in Haiti, Rwanda and Sudan
Breath~Body~Mind Experiential Training
  • A ground-breaking approach fusing breath & movement
  • Powerful and unique combination of breathing techniques:
    1. Coherent breathing
    2. Resistance breathing
    3. Breath moving
  • Qi-Gong
  • Balancing the stress response system
  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety PTSD & depression
  • Brief guided meditation

About the Speaker:

Richard P. Brown, M.D. is an associate professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University and graduate of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Brown’s recent co-authored book, How to Use Herbs, Nutrients, and Yoga in Mental Health Care (W.W. Norton 2009) has won national and international awards for the best health book on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for the American Psychiatric Association and other conferences globally. He coauthored over 90 scientific articles, books and chapters including, Stop Depression Now (1999), The Rhodiola Revolution(2004) “Complementary and Alternative Treatments in Psychiatry,” in Psychiatry (Wiley & Sons 2003, 2007), “Alternative Treatments in Brain Injury” in Neuropsychiatry of Traumatic Brain Injury (American Psychiatric Press 2004 and 2010). 

Dr. Brown is a certified teacher of Aikido (4th Dan), Qigong, yoga and meditation. He develops mind-body workshops for professionals, clinical studies and the general public. He offers workshops for members of the 9/11 community through Serving Those Who Serve (www.STWS.com). 

Disclaimer: Dr. Brown receives no financial remuneration from any companies that produce or market the treatments referred to in this seminar.

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