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Dancing Mindfulness: Live

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Join Dancing Mindfulness creator Dr. Jamie Marich in this live practice, ideal for home workouts or to help you hone your facilitation skills in guided dance! Dancing Mindfulness uses the art form of dance as the primary medium of discovering mindful awareness. Dancing through seven primary areas of mindfulness in motion: breath, sound, body, story, mind, spirit, and fusion, with a respect to the attitudes of mindfulness, participants tap into their body’s own healing resources. In Dancing Mindfulness, you will become acquainted with your own unique creativity and learn to respect yourself just as you are, in this moment.

Jamie Marich, Ph.D.

Jamie Marich, Ph.D., is a dancer, musician, performer, writer, recovery ambassador, and clinical counselor, Dr. Marich unites these elements of her experience to achieve an ultimate mission: bringing the art and joy of healing to others. Marich travels internationally speaking on topics related to EMDR, trauma, addiction, and mindfulness while maintaining a private practice (Mindful Ohio) in her home base of Warren, OH. She is the developer of the Dancing Mindfulness practice.

More information: www.jamiemarich.com/

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