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Dr. Philip Zimbardo: Treating PTSD with Time-Perspective Therapy



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Have you wondered about your own perspective of time – and how it differs so often from others – most especially with your trauma clients?

In the treatment of PTSD, you know how the focus on past events is a key element that leaves the client stuck in the trauma experience. Now, there is an exciting treatment approach from Dr. Philip Zimbardo, internationally renowned scholar, educator, researcher and media personality.

Join Dr. Zimbardo (known to all in our field for The Stanford Prison Experiment) and journey with him into a new dimension of trauma therapy. After decades of research on Time Perspective, Dr. Zimbardo, along with colleagues Dr. Richard and Rosemary Sword, have developed Time Perspective Therapy (TPT).

Dr. Zimbardo delivers an engaging and rare 90-minute lecture about his research on the variations in time perspectives and the impact on human behavior, cognition, and culture including development of TPT and it’s treatment implications. He’ll also discuss new research and future directions in the field.

Format: DVD Video – 4+ hours

Length: 1 hr 46 min

Details: Video recording with electronic manual and instructions


  1. Review current time perspective research
  2. Explore applications of the time perspective therapy for PTSD

Research on Time Perspective

  • What is Time Perspective?
  • The Time Paradox
  • Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory (ZTPI)
  • How Time Perspective Impacts Your Life
    • Time Perspective Differences and Behavioral Outcomes
  • Socio-cultural perspectives
  • Clinical Observations
  • New & Future research

The Time Cure: Time Perspective Therapy (TPT) for Treating PTSD

  • Free Training Manual
  • Research outcomes working with American Veteran Populations
  • Time Perspective for mental health well-being
  • TPT outcomes for PTSD


Philip Zimbardo is internationally recognized as the “voice and face of contemporary American psychology” through his widely seen PBS-TV series, Discovering Psychology, his classic research, The Stanford Prison Experiment, authoring the oldest current textbook in psychology, Psychology and Life, in its 18th Edition, and his popular trade books on Shyness in adults and in children; Shyness: What it is, what to do about it, and The Shy Child. Past president of the American Psychological Association, and the Western Psychological Association.

Zimbardo has been a Stanford University professor since 1968 (now an Emeritus Professor), having taught previously at Yale, NYU, and Columbia University. He is currently on the faculty of the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, and the Naval Postgraduate School at Monterey, CA. He has been given numerous awards and honors as an educator, researcher, writer, and service to the profession. Recently, he was awarded the Vaclav Havel Foundation Prize for his lifetime of research on the human condition. His more than 300 professional publications and 50 books convey his research interests in the domain of social psychology, with a broad spread of interests from shyness to time perspective, madness, cults, political psychology, torture, terrorism, and evil.

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