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Workshop Aide Program

Are you interested in attending an upcoming event, but hoping to save money on registration fees? By working as a workshop aide you can substantially reduce your registration fees, without missing out on any training time! This position is ideal for enthusiastic, hardworking and self-motivated individuals.



Workshop aides will save $115 on a one-day workshop; $190 on a two-day workshop; $290 on a three-day workshop and $400 on a four-day workshop or conference based on our individual ‘early bird’ quoted rate.

In order to be eligible for this discounted rate, workshop aides are required to arrive no later than 7:00am each morning for set up and instructions pertaining to given tasks. We also require workshop aides remain available for the entire duration of the planned event, such as working all 4 days of a 4-day conference. Please keep in mind that we can accommodate a maximum of 2-3 workshop aides per workshop; therefore it is critical to your fellow workshop aides that you are able fulfill this commitment in its entirety.


Responsibilities and Expectations

In order to receive the discount, workshop aides are required to:

  • Arrive at the workshop venue no later than 7:00 am on all days of the event
  • Take turns in assisting during breaks, including the one-hour lunch break
  • Stay 30 minutes after the end of each workshop day

Please note, you will not miss our on any part of the workshop presentation.


Typical Workshop Tasks

  • Set up: adjusting meeting room layout and unpacking supplies
  • Working at our registration table: checking in participants, handing out name tags and workshop materials
  • Overseeing our on-site bookstore: selling books, processing payment, writing receipts
  • Overseeing refreshments table and following up with catering staff
  • Clean up duties: collecting evaluation forms
  • Event wrap-up: packing materials, including books and supplies

To apply for the Workshop Aides Program, please contact us with your name and the title of the event you are interested in attending.

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