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Beyond Fish Oil: 10 Dietary Strategies to Improve and Balance Mood



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Depression, anxiety and bipolar, along with attention, are affected by food and dietary intake. Discover the secrets behind the food-mind-body connection and how to help your clients improve their well-being through food, simple nutrients and behavioral strategies. Clients can experience an improvement in mood and attention when they make simple changes to their nutritional status. Join Dr. Leslie Korn, psychotherapist and expert in mental health nutrition, and explore the latest, most effective nutritional strategies to integrate into your client’s everyday life.

The last part of the presentation includes a kitchen demonstration with Dr. Korn as she shares healthy food preparation strategies that are cost and time effective.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Incorporate a simple and effective diet and mind/body/food history into your assessment process to guide your interventions.
  • Learn 10 easy dietary “fixes” and proactive strategies to improve mood and attention in children and adults.
  • Live kitchen demonstration!

Format: DVD Video – 1-2 hours

Details: DVD recording (1 hour, 56 minutes) with electronic manual and instructions.


  1. Utilize simple food/mood diary and analysis with clients.
  2. Identify how protein, fats and carbohydrates affect mood.
  3. Show how nutrition strategies can improve mood, mood lability and attention in children and adults.

Food and Mood

  • Mind / body / food connection
  • Effects of food on mood and attention
  • Link between inflammatory foods and mood
  • Simple nutrition and behavior assessment and checklist

10 Nutrition Strategies

  • Effective use of supplementation to improve and balance mood
    • Protein
    • Fats
    • Carbohydrates
  • Identify and treat sugar & carbohydrate addiction
  • Simple food/nutrient recipes for children and adults to improve attention
  • Alternatives to taking pharmaceuticals
  • Use magnesium to reduce anxiety
  • Fiber for mood stabilization
  • Fermented foods to reduce anxiety
  • Non-toxic methods to improve -bipolar disorder

Now to the Kitchen:

  • Preparing healthy food for a busy week
  • High nutrient smoothies
  • Crockpot cooking and salad prep


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