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Christine Dargon, Ph.D.

Christine Dargon, Ph.D.

Christine Dargon, Ph.D., having worked in clinical practice for over 20 years, now focusses her time on speaking and education. Dr. Dargon did graduate research and her dissertation on rape-related PTSD and began working with rape survivors over 25 years ago. Currently, Dr. Dargon is an international speaker traveling throughout North America presenting seminars of numerous topics. Dr. Dargon has also been teaching on the undergraduate and graduate levels for over 20 years and is currently on faculty at Grand Canyon University serving students in the Masters’ of Counseling Psychology Program and Ashford University teaching undergraduate courses. Dr. Dargon received her Doctorate of Counseling Psychology from Seton Hall University with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy. She recently opened a alternative health and wellness center in North Arizona.



“Dr. Dargon was superb! She was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Thanks for a rewarding, educational day.”
– Heather Guillou | Langley, BC | November 20-22, 2017

“All three days were wonderfully informative. Your energy and enthusiasm was so welcoming. Your passion and depth of knowledge on all topics explored was clearly evident. I love all the practical take-away pieces, scripts and resource links + tools provided. Thanks so much.”
– Erica Mackinnon | Halifax, NS | June 7-8, 2017

“Christine is very engaging! By far the best workshop I’ve ever attended. She focuses on practical concept and not boring theories!”
– Ottawa, ON | June 5, 2017

“This workshop (especially the importance of play part) should be required to all school teachers/ staff to attend. Parents have to be reminded too of the importance of play through … media, school, church, etc. Super love it! Awesome Dr. Dargon!”
– Edmonton, AB | May 1-2, 2017

“Thank you for the excellent, insightful, entertaining presentation. The skills you touched on today will be very useful for my work with children and teens on the autism spectrum!”
– Michael | Kelowna, BC | April 20, 2017

“Christine is a warm effective, interesting presenter. Dr. Dargon is approachable, this is rare but so important. I felt a part of the day, not just a listener. Christine makes a point to know and address participants by their name – wow! Made her approachable. Christine provided real life examples – interesting and important. Christine provided useful sites, books.”
– Halifax, NS | June 6, 2017

“I really liked this workshop! It was great that multiple forms of play therapy were touched on. The speaker was clear, engaging and answered all questions.”
– Ottawa, ON | June 5, 2017

“She was excellent! Hope she comes back so colleagues can learn from her. So many resources she shared – Open to use even after conference. ‘Sure send me a student’s drawing if you ever have a question.'”
– Debra Rarog | Winnipeg, MB | May 4, 2017

“Excellent presentation. Give real tools that can be used at school. Practical strategies that can address special issues. Love how Christine makes it easy to understand.”
– Edmonton, AB | May 1-2, 2017

“Excited to take this back + work will my kids in elementary. Huge eye opener. Thank you very impressed.”
– Edmonton, AB | May 1-2, 2017

“What a full day. Christine was great. She captured the attention of the audience and is super resourceful and fun. I will definitely use some of what I learned today to add to my current way of working therapeutically with my students.”
– Shayla | Victoria, BC | April 21, 2017

“Great energy and knowledge extended, great humour. Welcoming experience. Interesting, look forward to applying in session work!”
– Michele Gardiner | Kelowna, BC | April 20, 2017

“Wonderful and captivating speaker! Lots of great ideas that we will be trying.”
– Serena Ginter | Kelowna, BC | April 20, 2017

“Instructor is very dynamic. Would definitely take more workshops facilitated by Christine. Lots of useful examples and very animated/passionate.”
– Kelowna, BC | April 20, 2017

“Christine was an engaging speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her and all the information she provided. Christine shared practical techniques and approaches with sound reasoning. She presented in an understandable and friendly manner. Excellent workshop! I feel like I can start with my new learning right away.” 
– Edmonton, AB | May 26, 2016