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Denise Findlay, M,ED., CPCC, ACC

Denise Findlay, M,ED., CPCC, ACC

Denise Findlay, M.ED., CPCC, ACC is a bi-cultural woman who belongs to the Squamish Nation. She is an educator, facilitator and parent consultant with a private practice in West Vancouver. Denise works extensively with First Nations in British Columbia and other parts of Canada and is
a wife and mother to two highly sensitive, intense and bright

boys. Denise has been able to share her insights with parents in the First Nations community to empower them to be their child’s best bet and to look to traditional approaches to parenting that focus on attachment and life-long, whole-person development. She is a faculty member of the Neufeld Institute and has worked with Dr. Gordon’s Neufeld’s approach for any years.


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