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Meghan Barlow, Ph.D.

Meghan Barlow, Ph.D.

Meghan Barlow, Ph.D., is a licensed pediatric psychologist specializing in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and young adults on the autism spectrum. She also has a wide range of experience working with children who have a variety of anxiety disorders, developmental disorders, attention deficit disorders, mood disorders, behavioral concerns, genetic and metabolic syndromes and acute or chronic medical conditions. Dr. Barlow is the owner of a private practice, Meghan Barlow and Associates, where she provides assessment, treatment and group therapy services for children, adolescents, and young adults. Dr. Barlow has developed trainings and workshops for parents, school professionals, and mental health providers on topics related to social skills, autism spectrum disorder, depression and anxiety. She speaks in a variety of settings offering education and practical strategies for managing children’s behaviour, facilitating social skills and navigating developmental transitions. Dr. Barlow earned her Ph.D. from Kent State University



Excellent speaker – engaging and able to differentiate teaching/information to suit the needs of a very diverse group (teachers, parents etc.)”
– Angie Reichenbach | London, ON | October 27, 2017

“Excellent presentation. Dr. Barlow is knowledgeable, extremely engaging and provided very helpful, practical examples and strategies. Thank you very much Dr. Barlow!”
– M.Pasma | London, ON | October 27, 2017

“Meghan Barlow presented her workshop with passion and interest in her field. She used real-life cases and stories that she has experienced first-hand to help others understand the concept she is teaching. Great workshop and wonderful instructor who has a terrific way of sharing knowledge in the field of autism.”
–Teija O | Oakville, ON | October 26, 2017

“Very good information. DSM updates were well explained. Useful descriptions and examples. I even wrote down phrases – the language to use with teachers + parents. This helped me think from the student with autism. I loved the slides + presentation –  great way to learn the info + also to reflect. Now we have useful narratives to with staff.”
– Anonymous | London, ON | October 27, 2017

“This was very helpful + practical for both professionals and families. It was reassuring to hear that some of the strategies were things that were easy to understand + implement. It was excellent.”
– Sarah Mellet | Oakville, ON | October 26, 2017