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Proven Strategies To De-Escalate Anger & Violent Episodes

Presented by Cardwell C. Nuckols, Ph.D.

Monday, June 5, 2017  |  Vancouver, bc

!  Important Notice:

This workshop was previously stated incorrectly as a non-clinical workshop. Please note, this is a clinical workshop.

Date & Location

Monday, June 5, 2017 – Monday, June 5, 2017

9:00am – 4:00pm

Wosk Auditorium, Jewish Community Centre

950 W. 41st Avenue
Vancouver, BC

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Workshop Description

UPDATE: This workshop is clinical presentation with techniques that can be used in practice.

In this one-day non-clinical workshop, Dr. Nuckols will provide proven strategies and techniques to alter angry emotion, hostility and potentially violent behavior into positive corrective experiences. This skills training will focus on de-escalation skills including proven relaxation, cognitive behavioural, interpersonal communication and self-regulation strategies. These techniques are designed to be used in the field in order to help manage angry, aggressive and violent individuals. Participants will learn how to assess the severity of the situation and implement strategies that will reduce or prevent dangerous incidents from occurring.

This workshop is relevant to all mental health professionals, correctional staff, nurses, social workers, care workers, youth workers, group home workers, crisis counsellors and more. Based on over 40 years of experience, Dr. Nuckols has worked with major corporations and various systems including the military, criminal justice, mental health and substance abuse. His background includes over 35 years of direct clinical practice and his educational background includes advance work in pharmacology, psychology and neurobiology.

Workshop Topics:

Agenda & Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the aggressor: profile of the individual who exhibits anger, hostility and aggressive behavior
  • Statistics on violent episodes
  • Implementing Strategies with individuals who exhibit mental illness and are suicidal
  • Cycle of anger and violent episodes
  • Early warning signs: Assessing and managing workplace threats
  • Verbal and nonverbal techniques for crisis prevention and de-escalation
  • Strategies to maintain self-control in preventing or handling a crisis
  • What not to do – interventions that make matters worse
  • Preventing violent episodes from occurring
  • Reducing potential and actual injury to children and staff
  • Cognitive-behavioural intervention strategies
  • Interpersonal communication strategies
  • Self-Regulation intervention strategies
  • Relaxation techniques

Continuing Education Credits

This workshop has been formally approved by the following associations:
  • Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF)
  • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)
  • Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA)
  • Canadian Psychological Association (CPA)
  • Canadian Vocational Rehabilitation Association (VRA)
  • Employee Assistance Certification Commission (EACC)
  • Indigenous Certification Board of Canada (ICBOC)
  • Medical Psychotherapy Association Canada (MDPAC)
  • Ontario Expressive Arts Therapy Association (OEATA)

† The Alberta College of Social Workers (ACSW) and the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Social Workers (NLASW) accept CPA-approved CEUs.

* Participants will receive a certificate of completion after every workshop. Workshops are pre-approved for 5.5 or 6 credits per day unless otherwise specified.

Your Presenter(s)

Cardwell C. Nuckols, Ph.D.

Cardwell C. Nuckols, Ph.D., is described as “one of the most influential clinical and spiritual trainers in North America.” He has served the behavioral medicine field for over 40 years and for the last 25 years is considered one of the leading experts in the world on addiction and recovery.

Dr. Nuckols is widely published, having authored more than 65 journal articles, 30 books and workbooks, 50 DVDs, CDs and videos, and 25 audiotape series. His latest book is entitled Finding Freedom Through Illumination. His previous publication is a best seller entitled The Ego-Less SELF: Achieving Peace and Tranquility Beyond All Understanding.  Dr. Nuckols’ first book Cocaine: Dependency to Recovery is also a trade best seller, as are his booklets Quitting Heroin, Quitting Alcohol and Quitting Marijuana (Hazelden). He is the author of the book Healing an Angry Heart (HCI) and video Chalk Talk on Drugs with Father Martin (Kelly Productions).

Dr. Nuckols’ background includes advanced work in such areas as medical research, pharmacology, neurobiology and psychology. For over 35 years, he has gratefully served the healthcare industry in multiple capacities as a clinician, supervisor, program director and hospital administrator. Dr. Nuckols has led numerous corporate start-up and reengineering projects including involvement in the development of several publicly traded companies. He has served as an advisor to Quantum Immunologics, Inc. a pharmaceutical research company devoted to new technologies for treating cancer. Dr. Nuckols has consulted and trained with Labor Assistance Professionals (LAP), Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA), The Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO), United Auto Workers, Stouffers, Boeing, DuPont, General Motors, Bechtel-Bettis, Ford Motor Company, United Airlines and other industries in the area of enhancing productivity.  He served as a trainer and consultant to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), federal court systems, and branches of the armed forces specializing in the areas of antisociality, violence, and trauma.

During his career, Dr. Nuckols has been awarded national honors including the SECAD Award, Larry W. Monson Award, Swinyard Award, University of Utah School on Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Service Award and Gooderham Award, as well as, being recognized for his contributions to The American Society of Addiction Medicine’s Patient Placement Criteria. Dr. Nuckols is on the review board of Counselor Magazine and has served as the conference chairperson for national conferences including the US Journal offerings “Neuroscience Meets Recovery” and “Counseling Skills”.

More information: www.cnuckols.com

Who Should Attend

Clinical Professionals: All mental health professionals including, but not limited to Clinical Counsellors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Hospice and Palliative Care Workers, Youth Workers, Mental Health Workers, Addiction Specialists, Probation Officers, Police Officers, Speech Language Pathologists, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants and all professionals looking to enhance their therapeutic skills.

Workplace Professionals: Relevant to all professionals who require skills to de-escalate anger and violent episodes in the workplace including Human Resource Professionals and Managers.

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Holiday Inn Vancouver

phone:  604.879.0511

website:  www.hivancouvercentre.com

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