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A Neufeld Institute Conference | Emotional Health and Well-Being: Towards Flourishing Children and Youth

Conference Overview Emotion matters. Contrary to the received wisdom of the last few centuries, today’s science has revealed emotion to be at the heart of most matters and of what matters most. Emotion is now being recognized as Nature’s way…

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A Neufeld Institute Conference | Resilience, Recovery and Relationship: Towards Flourishing Children and Youth

Our best selling conference of all time! 875+ participants in Calgary, AB  |  2017   “Dr. Neufeld has been a revelation. This perspective is so refreshing to hear since teachers are living in a world of meeting outcomes for their…

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Bullies: Their Making and Unmaking

Once we understand how bullies are made, our attempts to unmake them can be truly effective and long-lasting. Most prevailing approaches to this problem assume that bullying is either learned behaviour or the result of failure to acquire social skills.…

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Working with Aggressive and Violent Children and Youth

Aggression problems are deeply rooted in instinct and emotion and are therefore resistant to conventional discipline practices. Dr. Neufeld uncovers these roots and outlines steps to addressing them. His rich professional experience with aggressive children and violent youth informs this refreshing…

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